Testimonials from some of the students on workshops and trainings: 

This course was a perfect balance between theory and experience of the practices. I feel fully enthused a ready to go and offer this to the young people that I work with and have lots of new and exciting ideas that I feel will really support them on their journey (SM, Clinical Psychologist). 

​"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for such an inspiring course last week. It was so good to take some time out of my normal hectic schedule to have some space and time to think and reflect on how I want to take this forward. It felt like a real gift to me and your guidance was invaluable. You do an amazing job and you do it so beautifully! I can't wait to get started. It can be so disheartening working in Child and Adolescent Mental Health with such a medical model and such little resources and it is so good to feel that I can do something now which I know will benefit others, as well as keeping me happy in my job! With love and massive gratitude." Jo, GP

I have never walked away so relaxed from a training having felt like I have absorbed so much too! What a gift your teaching style is. The food and venue were amazing and I now feel nourished and full to work with the children (JT, Yoga therapist). 

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. Great venue and so much experience shared in the room by Lucy and the other participants. I haven’t worked in this field before but feel as if I can do that now and have a really supportive network around me to offer this from (SS, school teacher). 

and from some of the young people:

'Yoga makes me happy, it take the whirring feelings away and I find calm'    Jo, age 12

"It is my favourite time of the week. To see the way in which my son works with Lucy is an absolute joy. He is himself, and is completely engaged and focus. I definitely see the effects after the session, I only wish he could do more."Sarah 

'"Having practiced yoga while pregnant, it was something I had thought about doing with my baby. When Madeleine was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 and the commonly associated low muscle tone, I knew yoga would be an important early intervention for building strength and good posture.Taking part in the sessions led by 'Special Yoga Works' has helped integrate Madeleine's startle reflex, through gentle sensory movement. The calming chanting we use throughout the class is a great technique for winding down and settling her to sleep at night. Also, we both benefit from taking the time out to relax together and will continue to do so in the years to come." Catherine

"The affect of the yoga on Claire was startling - she was moving fluidly and with a level of energy that we've not seen before - she is usually 'frozen' and extremely slow moving. She described her excitement in anticipation of the second session using long sentences when she rarely says more than two or three words in succession. She appeared to be temporarily 'released' from her uncommunicative, trapped state - smiling, laughing and happy. We have reported the extraordinary affects of the yoga sessions on Claire to her foster parents."